Job Positions

Our team is quite tight-knit, and it is important to us more than anything that our team-members share our vision and passion. We hope to find people interested in growing with the company.

As we prepare to launch, we’re looking for people interested in the following positions:

Director of Marketing

An administrative position, we’re looking for someone inspired by our project to design and implement marketing plans. Preferably they would have experience in the field of tourism, particularly cultural tourism or agro-tourism. Experience with digital marketing and social media is a bonus.

Boutique Manager

Like any museum, we plan on having a boutique with relevant items for our visitors. The Boutique Manager would be in charge of purchasing inventory, sales, and making hiring decisions for staff in the boutique/ticket booth. Experience in museums or tourism is a bonus.


We’re looking for a part-time accountant, preferably someone who would be interested in advising us on finances. This could be a remote position.

Resident Archaeologist/Historian

We hope to find an archaeologist or historian who specializes in the Viking and Early Medieval Age who can advise and direct us in creating our village. Experience/knowledge of agriculture and buildings is a bonus.


Tell us which position interests you and why!

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