OUr Business Model



Our main source of revenue will be ticket sales, with prices based on similar tourist sites:

  • Adults: $20

  • Students and Seniors: $16

  • Children (under 12): $13

  • Under 5: Free


Our “front end” product(s) are interactive group tours of one hour, led by one of our skalds. Other revenue streams include food and beverage sales, boutique sales, workshops, and special events such as battles, festivals, and markets.

Our “back end” product is an immersive experience for re-enactor volunteers.



Located on land owned collectively by our CEO, Oliver Hudon, and five other residents of Ste-Rose-du-Nord, there are roughly 4 acres of field and 4 acres of woods and mountain.


We will rely mainly on digital and social media marketing, in partnership with various local tourism boards.